HomeTown Pharmacy Inc
Parchment, Michigan 49004

Job Description

The Pharmacy Manager plays a vital role of the Long-Term Care Pharmacy. This position requires dedication and commitment to the success and culture of the operation. An understanding of the HomeTown Pharmacy Mission is both essential and valuable for this role. HTP is built on the commitment of serving others –patient, community, teammate and company.

This job entails leadership, commitment, dedication, communication, empathy, and the overall understanding of both being a pharmacist and the running of a Long-Term Care Pharmacy. A very important skill required is Communication—Listening, Verbal and Written. The Pharmacy Manager will partner with the Operations Manager to co-manage the pharmacy team and work to set and meet goals for the overall pharmacy success. Responsible delegation of work is also a very vital key to the success of this role as is always leading by example and nurturing/maintaining the HomeTown culture.

The job expectations are as follows:

  • Must be a licensed Pharmacist
  • Must be immunization certified
  • Be responsible for smooth daily operation of the pharmacy
  • Be willing to make decisions as needed for operation of the pharmacy
  • Be able to check a high volume of prescriptions with accuracy and confidence
  • Be able to communicate effectively and professionally with facilities and all pharmacy staff
  • Reviews the prescriptions issued by the Physician, or other authorized prescriber to assure accuracy, appropriateness of medication, and determine formulas and ingredients needed.
  • Directs pharmacy workers engaged in mixing, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals.
  • Answers questions and provides information to pharmacy customers on drug interactions, side effects, dosage and storage or pharmaceuticals
  • Maintains established procedures concerning quality assurance, security of controlled substances, and disposal of drugs designated as hazardous waste.
  • Be intimately familiar with HomeTown LTC policies and procedures and make sure they are being followed.
  • Be responsible for the legal compliance of the pharmacy in all aspects of the day-to-day pharmacy operation.
  • Schedule pharmacists, make sure staffing is appropriate.
  • Meet with Operations Manager and department supervisors weekly to formally review problems, concerns, new policies, etc.
  • Report any policy deficits or suggested amendments to the Director of Professional Services weekly.
  • Work with all departments within the pharmacy .
  • Assess and evaluate pharmacists performance- ongoing and during formal evaluations.
  • Discipline pharmacists for non-performance (in concert with Regional Manager) if necessary.
  • Be part of the HomeTown LTC on-call rotation.
  • Perform all aspects of dispensing pharmacist and consulting pharmacist (if appropriate) jobs.
  • Promote an atmosphere of excellence, professionalism and job satisfaction.
  • Ensure facilities and their residents are given the highest degree of service by all HomeTown LTC personnel.

Dispensing Pharmacist Requirements:

The job expectations are as follows:

  • Be the drug information expert in the pharmacy: answer staff and facility questions, make sure orders are clear and clinically appropriate, release entered orders from work flow doing all necessary interaction, allergy, and duplicate therapy monitoring and ensure all orders are entered correctly.
  • Responsible that all pharmacy laws are being followed at all times.
  • Check all packaged medications for proper medication, strength, lot and expiration date information.
  • Check final labeled product for accuracy before finalizing for delivery.
  • Perform technician oversight to ensure proper handling of drug products.
  • Perform clinical calculations as required- creatinine clearance dosing recommendations, IV dosing and monitoring, warfarin dosing, and other specialty requests.
  • Monitor and help implement formulary interchanges.
  • Promote and maintain professional attitude and performance from all staff members.
  • Perform Medication Regimen Reviews for patient acute change or fall requests.
  • Oversee all compounding and IV admixing to ensure proper product strength and appropriate technique.
  • Oversee all IV prescriptions for proper stability, dosing interval, flow rate, and dispensed supplies.
  • Be responsible that the deliveries are not sent until all new orders have been processed and meds are being sent.
  • Be in the on-call rotation for after-hours coverage of facility needs.

Education, Certificate, and Licensure

Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in Pharmacy;

Current Michigan Pharmacist License

Current Michigan Immunization License


Must demonstrate practical knowledge of computers, software, and products applicable to the industry.

Additionally, the applicant is expected to demonstrate the ability to quickly acquire knowledge of departmental program structure (Mission, Vision, and Goal Statements) and department policies and procedures. Have the ability to demonstrate effective time management skills while working independently with minimal supervision and supervising others.

Supervisory Requirements

Must demonstrate proficient ability to directly supervise Pharmacy Department personnel in a manner consistent with Company policies and applicable laws. Supervisor responsibilities include training employees, planning, assigning, and directing work, and complaint resolution




Preferred Years Of Experience:

3 Year(s)

Education Required:


Employment/Position Type:

Full Time


Up to 10% Travel
Date Posted : 07/22/2021